200 SW Clubhouse Drive

PO Box 430
Estacada OR 97023


Email: Christina.communitycenter@gmail.com

Estacada Community Center


We are asking people and groups around Estacada to "adopt a bed" at the Center.

So far the following people/groups have committed to adoptions:

  • the Joanne Derr iris bed -- the TOPS group
  • the bed along Clubhouse Drive at the front of the property -- Steve Josse -- bamboo
  • the NE bed adjacent to the building -- Tina -- she's planning a scent garden, I believe
  • the entire southside bed adjacent to the building -- the Estacada Garden Girls -- I'm not sure what they are planning but it will be GREAT.....
  • the bed on the east side of the building from the tree trunk to Clubhouse DR. will be designed by the Estacada Garden Club.

​That leaves the following beds to adopt -- either all or a portion:

  • the flagpole bed -- it would make a NICE hummingbird garden
  • the NW bed adjacent to the building
  • a portion of the bed between the street and the parking lot, on the northeast side of the property
  • the bed between the street and the parking lot, on the west side of the property

Are you or you and a few friends or family members interested in sponsoring a bed; planning and planting and taking care of the bed through the years? It would be a project that could be REALLY COOL.

Here are some garden ideas:

  • a night garden -- white and variegated plants which "shine" at night in the moonlight
  • a scent garden
  • a wild rose garden
  • an all-season garden -- color of some kind all year long
  • a native plants garden
  • a low-maintenance and low-water garden

So whaddya think? Do you think you and your friends would be up the task and willing to do this FABULOUS community project?